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Tips for the Spellbinders Wizard Die Cut & Embossing Machine Tips for the Spellbinders Wizard Die Cut & Embossing Machine

Tips for the Spellbinders Wizard Die Cut & Embossing Machine

Provided by Spellbinders Paper Arts Company
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The tips included here for the Spellbinders Wizard Die Cut & Embossing Machine have been submitted by the Spellbinders Design Team and other customers.

Label Your Master Mats Label Your Master Mats

Spellbinders recommends labeling your White Master Mats with the words "Emboss" and "Cut." This is to remind you not to allow your dies to cut into one of the Master Mats. When embossing with Spellbinders dies, brass stencils, or charms, cut marks will etch themselves into the embossed detail. Always using the "Emboss" mat will prevent this!

Cutting Card Windows Cutting Card Windows

Tip: Take a piece of Magnet sheet (such as you would buy for covering heat vents or to make large fridge magnets) and cut 1/8" smaller on both sides than your card front. (Instead of 5-1/2" x 4-1/4", for instance, you would cut the mat 5-3/8" x 4-1/8").

This will give you just that little extra space you need to place in the card. Now, on the magnet side, you can lay your die wherever you want to have the shape cut. Slip it in your card and add your white spacer plate if needed, depending on thickness and cut. Perfect placement every time!

Improving Embossing Quality Improving Embossing Quality

When using heavy or dense cardstock, improve the depth of embossed detail with this great product. To use, simply mist your paper or cardstock lightly. PaperGlide treats the paper or cardstock, greatly improving the quality of your embossed image!

Unjamming the Original Wizard Unjamming the Original Wizard

Tip: Our design team has submitted a very helpful set of photos for those who need assistance getting a sandwich “unstuck” from the old version of the Wizard. They can be downloaded here in pdf form.

Brass Stencils Without the Lines Brass Stencils Without the Lines

Trim a Tan Polymer Pad to just smaller than the edge of the brass stencil you are using. This will prevent the lines from the outer edge of the stencil from being embossed with the design. Spellbinders has 12x12 sheets of polymer pads available for sale separately.

Cutting Fabric or Foam

Tip: For cutting fabric or foam, slide about 4 pieces of thin paper like computer paper under the sandwich so it's just the tiniest bit closer to the blades. This makes the difference between completely cutting the fabric and cutting it all except for a couple of spots.

Filling in Embossed Areas

One creative suggestion is to fill in embossed areas of your foil or cardstock with a product like Diamond Glaze, Embossing Paste, or Silicone Glue to prevent crushing when mailing.

Sandwich Sticker

Print out instructions for your Wizard 'Sandwiches' on sticker paper and stick them right on the machine where you will have easy access to them. This is a great tip if you travel with your Wizard.

To Keep Your Wizard from Sliding To Keep Your Wizard from Sliding

Put a double layer of skid mat under it. This can be bought at the Dollar Store, Wal-Mart etc. Look by the shelf liner section.

Keeping Your Cardstock in Place for Embossing

Tip: To keep your cardstock properly aligned for embossing with a die cut, hold the mat with your left hand just over the cutting mat, with the end of the pad just touching the mat. Walk the mat down with your fingers. This keeps the paper from sliding when you lay the mat over it.

Unjamming the New Wizard Unjamming the New Wizard

Tip: On the yoke of the handle is a reversing button. Push in, and the movement will reverse as you push or pull the handle. Push the button again to go back to original direction. Getting a sandwich stuck can be caused by pulling the lever back beyond the notch after the sandwich has been engaged under the rollers, or by attempting to force a sandwich through the Wizard that is too thick.

Inserting Sandwiches Into the Wizard Inserting Sandwiches Into the Wizard

If you're having trouble getting the sandwich to "catch" between the rollers, place the die and paper down on the bottom end of the cutting mat. (As opposed to putting it in the middle.) Put the other cutting mat on top of it and insert the end of the sandwich without the die into the machine first. Gently push the sandwich centered between the rollers until it stops. Then, using the handle, pump it the rest of the way through. By starting the "thinner" end first, it grabs it every time.

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