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Westcott Triple Threat Speedlight Bracket


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Manufacturer # 2223

Our Stock # WEST2223

  • Mounts 3 speedlites to one modifier
  • Bruce Dorn Design
  • Affordable, compact, lightweight, and versatile
  • Mounts directly to Westcott Tilter Bracket or directly to umbrella shaft
  • 3 speedlites are focused at center of modifier when bent at 90-degree angle
  • High quality polymer construction. Metal cold-shoes
  • Out of stock
    External Speedlite Solution
    The Triple Threat provides photographers the ability to increase their light output without having to carry around big, heavy strobes.

    3 Speedlites, 1 Bracket
    The Triple Threat will mount 3 speedlites to one simple, small & affordable bracket.

    Made for the Photographers on the Go
    The Triple Threat is small, durable, compact, easy to use, and perfect for the photographer on the go.? The Triple Threat mounts directly to any modifier with an umbrella shaft.

    Best Industry Support Team
    The Triple Threat is another great speedlite accessory brought to you by Westcott. Built to last with simplicity in mind. However, we know that sometimes questions arise and we're here and ready to be YOUR support system. It's like having your own assistant to bounce questions off of about Westcott gear, but we're back at HQ and not in the field.