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Manufacturer # ICS Vest L


  • Thickly-padded shoulder straps

  • Size small

  • Hook-and-loop straps on both shoulder straps hold camera straps securely in place

  • Convenient cable port on right pocket for MP3 players or other electronics

  • Additional buckles increase carrying strength and help hold camera straps in place

Out of stock

ICS Vest L

For deadline-driven projects, VANGUARD ICS Vest is the perfect carrying solution to ensure you’re always prepared to catch the perfect shots. ICS Vest is extremely customizable for the most comfortable fit possible. It has an innovative adjustment system on the back that enables users to find the best, most comfortable position for their body. Dual side straps are also highly adjustable for greater comfort. It holds heavy gear and small accessories with reliability. Various fastening points securely keep camera with attached zoom lens in place. It also has pockets to hold small accessories and lens cases and other accessories can be attached.

Outside Dimensions (LxWxH mm): 1,000 ~ 1,400

Weight (g): 740

Outside Dimensions (LxWxH inches): 39 3/8" ~ 55 1/8''

Weight (lbs): 1.63

Exterior Fabric: Polyester 1000*1000D

Interior Fabric: Polyester 150D