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Rolls MX422 Professional 4 Channel Audio Field Mixer

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Manufacturer # MX422

Our Stock # ROLMX422

  • 4-channel field audio mixer.
  • Optimized for field recording and broadcasting applications.
  • 4 XLR inputs.
  • +65 dB gain.
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Rolls’ MX422 4-channel professional audio mixer is a “must-have” item for professional video makers and audio recordists working in on-location productions. Featuring four XLR inputs and 100 Hz switchable low-cut filters, the MX422 offers pristine audio capture in a range of challenging environments. The MX422’s durable construction ensures reliable performance in both studio and external recording applications.

The MX422 is a four channel, microphone/line mixer with balanced XLR inputs and outputs. The unit is ideal for the broadcast and video markets. It has the same features of other ENG / portable mixers without the extremely high price. Applications include: * DV Field Production. * Electronic News Gathering. * Location Recording (Dialogue and Music). * Digital Recording. * Broadcast Remotes. * Desktop Mixing for Video Post Production. MX422 FIELD MIXER METER RESPONSE: The meters are set at the factory for a 0 indication of a 0 dbv output level. Non responding meters is caused by only one thing, not enough level from the output amp. To correct this please verify the following. Start with the channel and master at center positions. Make sure the monitor switch is out. 1. Turn up the trim control to the point where the meters read the level you desire. 2. If this causes too much output from the output jacks, push in the attenuator button near the output jacks. 3. Fine tune the level you want with the channel and master controls. Finally, if the Pro standard of 0 dB is too hot for you, there are trim pots for each meter inside the unit that can be adjusted down to a 0 indication of about -10dBv.

  • Four servo-balanced XLR Inputs.
  • Two transformer-balanced XLR Outputs
  • # Switchable Output Level ( Line level, or -30 dB pad)
  • 1/4" TRS Stereo Monitor Input and Auxiliary Input.
  • Switchable 48 Volt Phantom Power for each input.
  • Switchable 100 Hz Low Cut filters for each input.
  • # Main and Back-up battery compartments, never lose power.
  • Level and Pan controls for each channel.
  • Built in Limiter with variable Threshold control.
  • 20 Hz Slate tone with Slate Microphone included.
  • Switchable 1 kHz setup Tone.
  • Calibrated VU meters.
  • 1/4" and 3.5mm Headphone/Earphone Outputs with selectable Source Input (Main mix or Monitor input),and Level control.
  • Canvas case included.
  • Rolls PS27 external power supply included.

Input Impedance


10K Ohms XLR balanced

Limiter Threshold

-5 dB to off, fully clockwise: No Limiting

Setup Frequency

1 kHz

Slate Frequency

20 Hz

Output Attenuator

-30 dB

Self Noise

-57 dB maximum, -90 dB typical

Max Gain

+65 db

S/N Ratio

115 dB

Frequency Response

20 Hz - 30 kHz | +0, -3 dB

Low Cut

100 Hz

Trim Range

0 to + 38 dB

Max Input

0 dBV

Current Draw

45 mA with no Phantom Power or Signal.

Phantom Power

+48 VDC


4: Female XLR, 2: Male XLR, 3: 1/4", 1: 1/8" (3.5mm), 1 Center Negative power jack.


12VDC / 200 mA


9.5" W x 7.25" D x 2.375" H


4 lbs

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