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Panasonic Lumix G 8mm/F3.5 Fisheye Prime Lens (Black)



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Manufacturer # H-F008

Our Stock # PNHF008

  • Prime focal length of 8mm (equivalent to 16mm on a 35mm format lens)

  • 10 lens elements arranged in 9 groups

  • Micro Four thirds mount

  • Aperture range of f/3.5 - f/22

  • True fish eye lens with a diagonal angle of view of 180 ?

  • 7 blade diaphragm

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Lumix G 8mm/F3.5 Fisheye Prime Lens

Lumix G 8mm/F3.5 fisheye prime lens is a true fish-eye lens that offers a diagonal angle of view of 180 ? with a prime focal length of 8mm. The lens contains 10 elements arranged in 9 groups including 1 ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) lens. The lens aperture diaphragm is made of 7 rounded blades and the lens has a close focusing distance of only 0.33’.

The LUMIX G FISHEYE 8mm / F3.5 offers a diagonal angle of view of 180-degree, bringing an distinctive perspective and unique deformation effect. It gives not only photos but also movies an extraordinary view to add an impressive scene to the story even for TV contents, films and web movies.

Comprising ten lenses in nine groups, the new lens system features an outstanding compactness, taking advantage of the Micro Four Thirds system standard to achieve dramatic downsizing to the worlds smallest and lightest size*. The adoption of an ED lens achieves a stable descriptive performance from close-up to infinity minimizing chromatic aberration and distortion.

The closest focusing distance is as short as 0.1m, however, the LUMIX G FISHEYE 8mm / F3.5 incorporates inner focus system which enables a long working distance and users do not have to come closer to the subject even for the close-up shots.

The LUMIX G FISHEYE 8mm / F3.5 lens allows use of the high-speed and accurate contrast AF system when mounted on the LUMIX G Micro System cameras, for more comfortable and enjoyable shooting. Seven blades give the aperture a rounded shape that produces an attractively smooth effect in out-of-focus areas when shooting at larger aperture settings. Also, a sheet filter such as a gelatin filter can be inserted in the rear of the unit for free filter expression.

The inclusion of stepping motor makes the focusing action smooth and silent for use in both photo and movie recording. The lens also features a highly reliable metal mount, and uses multi-coated lens elements that minimize ghosts and flare to further enhance its optical performance. The optimally designed lens hood enables use even under strong sunlight.

*For a digital interchangeable fisheye lens as of June 1, 2010.

• Four Thirds™ and Micro Four Thirds™, and Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds Logo marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Olympus Imaging Corporation, in Japan, the United States, the European Union and other countries.

Lens Construction

10 elements in 9 groups (1 ED lens)


Micro Four Thirds mount

Optical Image Stabilizer


Focal Length

f=8mm (35mm camera equivalent 16mm)

Aperture Type

7 diaphragm blades / Circular aperture diaphragm



Minimum Aperture


Closest Focusing Distance

0.1m / 0.33ft

Maximum Magnification

Approx. 0.20x / 0.40x (35mm camera equivalent)

Projection System

Equisolid angle projection system

Diagonal Angle of View


Filter Size

Front : Mounting not possible / Rear : Sheet filter holder 22mm / 0.86in x 22mm / 0.86in

Max. Diameter

?60.7mm / 2.39in

Standard Accessory

Lens Cap, Lens Rear Cap, Lens Storage Bag

Overall Length (inches)

Approx. 51.7mm / 2.04in (from the tip of the lens to the base side of the lens mount)

Recommended Humidity

40%RH to 60%RH


Approx. 165g / 5.82oz

  • Lens Cap

  • Lens Rear Cap

  • Lens Storage Bag