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Polaroid PL-STATT Rolling Mini Dolly Stabilization System With Pole Handle For Digital SLRs and Camcorders


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Manufacturer # PL-STATT

Our Stock # PLSTATT

  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Platform Camera-Protecting Pads

  • Accepts 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 Camera Equipment Four 1/4-20 Threaded Holes For Optional Accessories

  • Adjustable-length Telescoping Handle

  • Adjustable and Lockable Steering Wheels For True Circular Motion

  • Works Equally Well With Still or Video Cameras

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Expand your photographic boundaries with the Polaroid rolling mini dolly stabilization system. Shoot like a pro. Follow the movement of your subject at ground level or across a tabletop or counter. Dolly in toward your stationary subject and run circles around it. You’re going to find new vantage points from which to shoot your subjects, and fun doing it. The rolling mini dolly stabilization system incorporates a telescoping handle which allows you to pull the camera along any hard or carpeted surface. You can also lock the front wheels allowing you to pull the camera through a perfect circle. The learning curve is very short and will lead to unique vantage points for your still or video camera.

The rolling mini dolly stabilization system provides you with four 1/4-20 mounting holes into which you can add extension poles for such things as light fixtures, flash units, microphones, etc. (Accessory mounting devices are sold separately.) The Polaroid rolling mini dolly stabilization system is like your camera on a skateboard. And you control the board!"