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Polaroid PL-STA96FF Follow Focus System For 15MM Rods Stabilzer Systems

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Manufacturer # PL-STA96FF

Our Stock # PLSTA96FF

  • High-quality, Lightweight Aluminum Construction

  • Attaches To Sndustry Standard 15mm Rod Systems

  • Slip-Free Accurate Movement

  • Includes Adapter For Gearless Lenses

  • Will Work With The Polaroid PL-STA96 Stabilizer System

MSRP: $172.99

Final Price $114.99

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This Polaroid follow focus is a must for videographers who want to maintain perfect focus on a subject moving closer to or farther from the camera. Most auto-focus lenses are unable to react instantly to subject movement. Moving one step closer to the camera and the subject will be momentarily out of focus until the lens motor catches up to the auto-focus sensor’s request to refocus. The control moves quietly and accurately; the gears have no play in them. The follow focus can be mounted on either side of the lens and is mounted to an optional mount or stabilizer system.

Because most consumer level video cameras, DSLR’s with video capability, and even some professional video camera lenses are not designed with geared barrels, a flexible, geared strap is included which allows you to give those lenses a temporary external gear. The Polaroid follow focus provides the camera operator with a metal pointer and a removable ring for annotating start and stop focus points using a nonpermanent marker."