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Polaroid Full Neutral Density Grey ND9 (0.9) Square Filter


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Manufacturer # PL-FILPND9

Our Stock # PLFILPND9

  • Includes: Polaroid Full Neutral Density Grey ND9 (0.9) Square Filter for Polaroid & Cokin P Series Filter Holders
  • Slides Easily and Smoothly in to the Filter Holder (Available Separately)
  • Polaroid Brand. Not a Cokin Product.

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Final Price $8.99

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The Polaroid Neutral Density Camera Filter reduces brightness without affecting color or depth of field. Lets you use larger aperture settings. It will keep your subject in focus while blurring background/foreground even in bright light. Graduated ND filters allow for a ultra smooth blending effect.

Easy to use. Simply mount the filter holder to the front of your lens with the correct adapter ring (available separately). Then slide in all your different filters to take creative, colorful and beautiful shots. Two or three filters can be combined to give you simultaneous shots.

Polaroid filters continue the brand's long legacy of superior optical solutions. All our filters are carefully formulated to ensure consistent color and accuracy throughout the entire surface of the glass. Why? Consistent color means consistent high quality results. We know that a poorly made filter makes a great lens and camera worthless, that's why the our frame rings are constructed of special alloys that won't expand or contract over time or due to temperature extremes-it's also why we back our filters with an 10 year warranty-because we engineer them to last. Like all Polaroid optics, Polaroid filters are precision manufactured to the most demanding of tolerances. This ensures consistent high quality results even after years of use."