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Op-Tech 14" Rainsleeve Flash 2-pack


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Manufacturer # 9001142

Our Stock # OP9001142

  • Be prepared for the unexpected by always bringing along a Rainsleeve™

  • Compact design fits easily in a bag or pocket

  • Two great styles to protect your gear

  • Designed for handheld use or tripod application

  • Unique eyepiece opening adapts to most viewfinders for viewing through the lens not plastic!

  • Camera and lens controls are easily visible and operable

  • Drawstring lens opening offers easy access and a snug fit

  • Includes two per package

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The Rainsleeve™ - Flash offers the same great features as the original Rainsleeve™ yet can accommodate a camera shoe-mounted flash (up to approx. 7" tall x 5" wide x 4" deep). It effectively shields a camera, lens and flash unit from the elements and fits easily in the pocket or camera bag. It also features a unique eyepiece opening that adapts to most camera viewfinders, allowing composition of shots through the camera’s lens, not through the plastic. All camera, lens and flash controls are easily seen and operated through the Rainsleeve™ - Flash. The drawstring enclosure will fit any lens up to seven inches (17,8 cm) in diameter and up to 14 inches (35,6 cm) long.

Conveniently packaged with two per bag, the Rainsleeve™ - Flash is an economical way to make sure camera gear is protected in any kind of unexpected weather. The Rainsleeve™ - Flash is also available in a Counter Display of twenty 2-packs.

Approximate Size: Fits Lenses up to 14" L x 7" Diameter (35,6cm L x 17,8cm Diameter) and can accommodate flashes approx. 7" tall x 5" wide x 4" deep

Counter Display contains twenty 2-packs in a self-selling display box