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Op-Tech Grip Strap (Black)


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Manufacturer # 6701242

Our Stock # OP6701242

  • Fits most SLR cameras

  • Enables a hand grip option without interfering with the ability to have a neck/ shoulder strap

  • Incorporates the Uni Loop attachment system for added versatility to attach to camera while using 3/8" webbing to attach to the base plate

  • Removable base plate has rubberized pad to protect and effectively grip camera

  • Secures comfortably around the back of the hand as well as around the wrist

  • Made in the USA

Out of stock

The Grip Strap™ offers a secure system for carrying an SLR camera in the hand. It’s ideal for photographers on the run who want their cameras always "at the ready". The metal base plate has a rubber pad to protect the camera’s finish and uses a case screw to firmly attach to the tripod mount area of the camera. The Grip Strap™ is then secured to the base plate and one of the camera attachment areas. If a third attachment area exists on the camera, the base plate connection can be removed from the strap. This leaves a 3/8" webbing connection for the third connection area. This also keeps the tripod mount area available for use..

The unique loop attachment system enables the strap to quickly snap in place using our Uni-Loop quick disconnects (included with strap). These connectors can then be used on other strap configurations. The Grip Strap™ is adjustable to fit snugly across the back of the hand and attaches comfortably around the wrist with snaps. This dual system provides a comfortable and secure strap.

Carry Style: Hand

# of Connection Points: Two

Connection Type: Base plate and Uni-Loop

Quick Disconnects: Yes

Materials: Neoprene and nylon webbing

Made in the USA: Yes