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Lomography Konstruktor DIY Chimney Hood


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Manufacturer # Z135MH

Our Stock # LOMZ135MH

  • Save up, Shoot more: Grab the two accessories for your Konstruktor camera for a lesser price! Shoot more and capture memories creatively without too much pain in your pockets!
  • Enhance endless possibilities: Get more creative with this kit added to your Konstruktor camera.
  • Brighter View with the Hood Kit: get a brighter magnified image-viewing and trouble-free in focusing to your subjects
  • Flexible Dioptre: easily adjust your dioptre anytime and anywhere.

  • Packed with two lenses: Enhance your creativity with the Close up lens and Macro Lens.

  • Close-up Lens: take a shot of your subject as close as 15cm with this wonderful close-up lens and get to see amazing close-up optical results.

  • Macro lens: this lens can bring you to a new world of macro photography. See and enjoy the art of super close-up shots in this world.

Price: $14.90

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Show off your creativity and style by adding this Konstruktor Accessory Kit to your Konstruktor camera. See superb and artistic shots from these lenses and discover the wonderful world of Macro Photography on top of that is the Magnifying Chimney Hood Kit that will allow you to get brighter magnified image-view in your Konstruktor camera!

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