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Lomography Diana Baby 110 - Camera only

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Manufacturer # HP610

Our Stock # LOMHP610

  • Dainty Diana - The Diana Baby 110 is super small, perfect for bringing along wherever you go. With this baby by your side, you can take beautiful photos that are absolutely mind-blowing!
  • Easy Shooting - With limited switches, you can focus on taking great shots instead of spending a lot of time fiddling with controls.
  • Multiple and Long Exposure Capabilities - Create stunning multiple exposures by overlapping shots without advancing your film or shoot amazing night-time or low-light photos with the Bulb mode!
  • Flash Compatibility - Attach a PC Flash Adaptor to the Diana Baby 110 and enjoy bursts of bright light on your shots!
  • 110 Film - Lomography has brought this format back from the dead. Load your Diana Baby 110 with fresh Lomography 110 film.

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Stunning images in the smallest scale, that's what the Diana Baby 110 brings! This tiny camera will wow you with its versatility and introduce you to the wonderful world of 110 photography. Put it in your pocket and carry along to your photo expeditions - the Diana Baby 110 makes snapping up spectacular photos super easy!

  • Cable Release Connection No
  • Aperture No
  • Color black
  • Film Advance Knob
  • Flash connection PC-Socket
  • Focusing Fixed Focus
  • Focusing Distance 1m - Infinity
  • Frame Counter frame counter
  • Material Plastic
  • Tripod Mount No
  • Lightmeter No
  • View Finder Direct optical viewfinder

  • Camera Only