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Lomography Spinner 360°

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Manufacturer # HP360

Our Stock # LOMHP360

  • Easily Shoot 360° Panoramas: Create up to 8 full 360° panoramas on a standard 36-exposure 35mm film - Just pull the ripcord to shoot!
  • Use All 35mm Film: Can be processed in any photo lab.
  • Fully Manual Controls: Rubber band drive and fully manual controls (no batteries required).
  • Manual Long Exposures: Manually keep the shutter open by rotating the camera by hand.
  • Sunny/Cloudy Aperture Settings: Easy to use aperture controls; just switch the Spinner to 'Sunny' (f/16) on bright days and 'Cloudy' (f/8) on dull days.
  • Built-In Spirit Level and Tripod Mount: Keep your shots straight with the Spinner's built-in spirit level and by attaching the camera to a tripod.

Price: $99.00

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Go beyond the confines of standard panoramic landscapes and capture everything around you in one 360° photo with the Spinner 360°! Be sure that this 35mm spinning wonder will have everyone near you saying "wow!". With the Spinner 360° you can shoot up to 8 full panoramic photos on a standard 36 exposure film roll.

  • Cable Release Connection No
  • Aperture No
  • Color black
  • Film Advance Cord
  • Flash connection None
  • Focusing Focus Free
  • Focusing Distance 1m - Infinity
  • Frame Counter None
  • Material Plastic
  • Tripod Mount No
  • Lightmeter No
  • View Finder None

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