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Behringer Xenyx 1002FX Mixer w/FX

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Manufacturer # Xenyx 1002FX

Our Stock # BEHX1002FX

  1. Built-in 24-bit effects processor
  2. 100 effects presets including delays and reverbs
  3. 12 total audio channels
  4. 4 XENYX microphone preamps
  5. Classic British-EQ section
  6. Post-fader effects send
  7. Main mix outputs
  8. Separate control room output
  9. Headphones and stereo CD / Tape output
  10. Phantom Power to condenser microphones
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The Behringer Xenyx 1202FX is a lightweight and compact 12-channel audio mixer well suited for project recording, light-duty sound reinforcement, P.A. use, audio-for-video and more. Behringer incorporates 4 of their high quality XENYX microphone preamplifiers for ultra-low noise and maximum gain. Also featured is an on-board 24-bit effects processor with 100 presets of professional-level delays, reverbs and more. There is a +48V phantom power switch for powering professional condenser microphones and 3-band British-EQ sections on each channel. An effects send routes signal to an external effect processor or signal processor. The compact Xenyx 1202FX delivers plenty of flexibility in a lightweight, portable design.

Be it bone-simple rock or classic folk, the XENYX 1202FX gives mind-blowing voice to intimate performances with an internal 24-bit FX processor. It's simple, lightweight and just waiting to make you sound amazing.

Inputs Galore

The 12-input, 2-bus XENYX 1202FX has four XENYX mic preamps with +48 V phantom power, making it possible to use four dynamic or condenser microphones. The three-band British EQs on each channel are famous for warm, musical sound. Simple, high-quality controls make it possible to create beautiful mixes with minimal technical expertise.
Play music between sets via the RCA CD/tape inputs (assignable to main mix or control room/phones outputs) and record your performance to an outboard recording device via the RCA outputs.

Feel the Effects

Add some digital trickery to your sound using the internal FX processor. It gives you 100 excellent effects presets for delay, reverb and other time-tested favorites. You can also connect an outboard device via an auxiliary send with stereo returns. 

Portable Perfection

Weighing in at just 3 pounds, the XENYX 1202FX is the compact, crowd-pleasing way to turn a small performance with multiple vocalists into an unforgettable experience. Keep it organic, or decorate your mix with warm, 24-bit effects. The XENYX 1202FX puts real sonic sorcery at your fingertips. 


Lending optimum sound quality to small-scale performances has never been this easy or affordable. The XENYX 1202FX offers an incredible array of possibility at a price that's impossible to find in another mixer of this quality. Test drive a 1202FX at your nearest BEHRINGER dealer.