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Behringer Stereo Monitor Matrix Mixer


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Manufacturer # MON800

Our Stock # BEHMON800

  1. 4 selectable and mixable stereo inputs
  2. 3 selectable speaker outputs with individual level controls
  3. Mute, Dim and Mono switches
  4. 6-segment LED main stereo output meters for precise level indication
  5. High-powered headphone output with level control
  6. Dedicated built-in talk-back microphone and microphone input
  7. Ideal for studio and live sound applications
Out of stock


The Behringer MINIMON MON800 Monitor Matrix Mixer allows for easy speaker switching and monitoring of any audio source material. Its well suited as a monitor section for recording studio applications with 3 speaker outputs, a pair of 2-track player outputs, CD and tape inputs, 2 main mix inputs, built-in talkback microphone and headphone outputs. The intuitive and straightforward layout lets you easily switch between audio input sources, and select up to 3 loud speaker or studio monitor pairs to listen from. Use the MINI MON800 with or without an audio console for project and professional recording, speaker matrix  / switching applications and more.

Ultra-compact monitor matrix mixer for studio and stage applications

Dedicated input section with 4 selectable and mixable stereo inputs

Accurate 6-segment LED main stereo output meters for precise level indication

High-power phones output with dedicated Level control

3 selectable stereo speaker outputs with separate Level controls for ultimate monitoring

Professional Mute, Dim and Mono functions for ultimate flexibility and phase check

Talkback section with internal microphone and comprehensive routing options

High-quality potentiometers and illuminated switches for long-term reliability

All Mini Series models can be stacked on top of each other to create an ultra-compact signal processor solution

High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life

Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany

By listening to your mix through multiple sound systems, you can craft a mix that sounds great on every system it’s played through. The incredible MINIMON MON800 is the ideal tool for comparing your mix through different sets of loudspeakers. This monitor matrix mixer with talkback mic is also the perfect way to expand your mixing capabilities. In fact, you can even use it without a console! Just flick a switch to listen to your productions over different loudspeaker systems and mix your tracks for maximum impact.

Listen In

The MON800 features a clearly structured input section with four selectable and mixable stereo inputs, as well as a precision 6-LED output level meter. You also get a powerful headphones jack with its own volume control, plus three selectable stereo loudspeaker outputs with separate volume controls for optimal adjustment.

Ease of Operation

The sublimely useful MON800 features MUTE and DIM functions, as well as a mono switch, which is ideal for checking phase compatibility. The integrated TALKBACK section with built-in microphone provides multiple routing options. High-quality potentiometers and backlit switches give you session after session of reliable, easy-to-operate monitoring.


Recording on your home computer? Just connect a line-level signal out to the MIX IN A connectors on the MON800. Connect your main monitor speakers to the SPEAKERS OUT A section, and another pair to the B outputs. The A and B switches allow you to choose which pair of speakers you want to hear.

Monitor and Mix Your Masterpiece

If you need a simple, affordable way to bring your mixing process to a whole new level, the MON800 is for you. This valuable audio solution ensures your recordings will sound rich, whether they are played through an immense sound system, a car stereo, or your MP3 player. Check one out today at your nearest BEHRINGER dealer.