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Manfrotto Giant Camera Stand

No Head; 24 ft Tall with Wind Brace Kit

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Manufacturer # 269HDB-3U

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Manfrotto Giant Camera Stand

Price: $526.99

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269HDB-3U is based on the 269HDBU lighting stand modified to support your camera up to 24 ft (7.3m). The special top Attachment permits you to attach a camera head, or directly attach your camera. Using a triple leveling leg system and a leveling bubble, you can adjust the position of your camera in order to shoot wherever and however you want.

Attachment Number

  • 3/8-in. male screw Attachment type
  • Black
Column Cross Section
  • Round
Column Tube Diameter
  • 50x45x40x35x30x25mm
Footprint Maximum Diameter
  • 68.5 in
Leg Cross Section
  • Round
Levelling Leg
  • 3 number
Load Capacity
  • 2.2 lbs
  • aluminum
Risers Stand Number
  • 5 number
Section Center Column
  • 6 number
Stand Leg Size
  • 30mm
Suggested Wheels
  • 103x104x104G
Closed Length
  • 64.96 in
Load Capacity
  • 22.05 lbs Maximum Height
    • 290.55 in
    Minimum Height
    • 71.65 in
    • 24.25 lbs

- Giant Camera Stand - No Head; 24 ft Tall with Wind Brace Kit

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