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Westcott SpiderLite TD3 Constant Light Kit

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Manufacturer # 4890

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  • Ideal backlight kit
  • 1/2 Dome Reflector
  • Adjustable light output
  • Protective travel cap
  • Lamps included
  • Out of stock
    All metal construction.
    The Spiderlite TD3 is constructed of all-metal, no plastic to break.

    Adjust light output.
    Two separate controls allow the ability to adjust light output, without changing color temperature. With an adjustable rheostat, every time adjustments are made, color temperature can shift greatly. By utilizing these switches, your color stays constant which means you are only white balancing your camera once!

    Small size, big output.
    This small lamp packs a punch with over 120 equivalent watts of power. (3 pack = 360 equivalent watts)

    True daylight color.
    Here at Westcott, we only offer the best. This lamp is true daylight color temperature. Don't settle for imitations that can shift color up to 400-degrees.

    Long lasting results.
    Unlike photofloods that only last up to 60 hours, this lamp is rated for over 8,000 hours of consistent performance and color.

    Stay cool.
    No need to worry about your subject being uncomfortable by the heat of your light, this lamp stays cool while generating very light heat.

    BONUS 1/2 dome reflector.
    Unscrew the main cap and easily attach the included all-metal 1/2 dome reflector into the slot located around the rim of the cap. Line up the opening in the 1/2 dome reflector with the set screw and tighten to lock into place. This 1/2 dome reflector works perfectly to direct the light onto a backdrop without causing light to spill back onto your subject.

    Quick set up.
    The cap base simply slides overtop of the Spiderlite TD3 and screws onto the Spiderlite base plate. The black base can be easily left on while the light is in use, just remove the main white cap. When the lamps are cooled, simply screw back on the main cap and you're instantly ready for travel to your next location.

    Perfect background light.
    Measuring only 3' in height, this stand is perfect backlight stand.

    Secure lights at ground level.
    The additional 5/8 stud located on the light stand leg allows for a light to be placed flush to the ground."