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Westcott 18"x42" Bruce Dorn Pro Assymetrical Travel Stripbank Softbox


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Manufacturer # 3669

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  • Gradual 3-stop fall off
  • Position vertically or horizontally
  • Projects both a main and fill light
  • Great for working in tight spaces
  • 5-year warranty
  • Out of stock


    The first self-feathering strip.
    Without the inner baffle in place and only the front diffusion panel, this uniquely designed stripbank is directional, somewhat like a medium softbox with a grid, but with a unique asymmetrical feather. From contemporary brides to classical executive portraits, this light modifier offers a fresh new way to explore creative lighting. (Three stop fall off)

    Use as a conventional strip.
    With the inner baffle and outer diffusion panel in place, this Stripbank behaves like a normal Stripbank providing soft, even directional diffusion.

    Main and fill in one compact unit.
    Due to the positioning of the light source not being directly in the center, this stripbank can be turned horizontally and serve as both a main light and fill light for your subject. Place the side with the light closest to your subject allowing the far side to wrap around and fill in shadows.

    Ideal for travel.
    Designed for a traveling photographer, this unit incorporates two-part assembly rods making the unit more compact for travel.

    Space saver.
    Due it's narrow profile, this Stripbank is a perfect space saver when working in tight spaces.

    Removable outer diffusion.
    A wide 2 layer of look tape allows the front diffusion panel to either be recessed in for more direction and control or placed flush with the edge of the Stripbank for a wider lighter spread. In addition, this wide loop tape area provides for the attachment of accessories such as egg-crate grids.

    Narrow profile.
    This 26" narrow profile requires minimal set up room and is perfect when working in cramped conditions.

    Durable corners.
    The weakest area of a softbox are the corners where the rods are placed. Therefore, Westcott provides a double layer of loop tape over this section to protect against softbox rods protruding through the fabric.

    Five-year warranty.
    We are so confident in the construction of our softboxes, we back them with a five-year warranty.

    Included carry case.
    Each Stripbank includes a carry case with handle strap."