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Westcott Scrim Jim 72"x72" Large Video Broadcast Kit


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Manufacturer # 1822

Our Stock # 642413280

  • Essential accessory for any videographer
  • Cut or diffuse light in seconds
  • Modular design
  • Convenient carry case
  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • Out of stock


    Block overhead sunlight.
    Due to the thick nature of this black block duvetyn fabric, sunlight from overhead can be completely blocked. This is also helpful for blocking unwanted light from a window or door.

    Our most popular diffusion.
    It's no reason the 3/4 stop fabric is our most popular fabric! Perfect for early morning sun, this fabric diffuser the light by 3/4 stops. Simply place the diffuser fabric between your subject and the sun to soften harsh shadows.

    Breathable fabric.
    This fabric is purposely designed to let air through in order to prevent the fabric from blowing away in the wind.

    Seamless design.
    Both fabrics are seamless to insure nothing gets in the way of your shots.

    Lifetime warranty.
    This extension set is constructed from aircraft aluminum making it extremely strong yet extremely lightweight. This design has been proven year after year to take a beating so much that we back it with a full lifetime frame warranty. If your frame ever splits, cracks or breaks, we replace it for free.

    Modular Design.
    The ultimate in portability and versatility, 1 Scrim Jim frame can create up to four different sizes. With over 35 fabrics offered, this system provides what you need to shoot indoors or outdoors.

    Attach fabrics in seconds.
    Each frame is covered with an automotive grade hook tape allowing quick and easy attachment of fabrics. Extra corner straps on all fabrics insure fabrics don't shift in windy conditions.

    Corner straps.
    Each fabric is designed with four corner straps that wrap around each corner of the Scrim Jim frame. HINT! When attaching a fabric to the frame, secure these four corners first. This will help provide for the most even and taut fit.

    Carry case.
    The included travel bag is perfect for fitting up to 3 frame sets.