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Westcott StrobeLite PLUS 400 Watt Second Monolight


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Manufacturer # 200

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  • 400 effective watt seconds of power
  • Compact design, intricate quality
  • Seize the moment
  • 1/4 to full power or anything in between
  • Accessory options galore
  • Out of stock
    Compact design.
    The Strobelite Plus pairs the highest quality engineered components with a compact and lightweight outer shell offering power, precision and portability at an affordable price.

    Packed with punch.
    This unit is packed with punch offering 400 effective watt seconds of power. Actual Meter Reading is F22 at ISO 200, 1/125th SS at 3' using a 24 x 32" Softbox

    Adjustable range.
    Light can be adjusted from 1/4 to full power or anywhere in between. This broad range allows you to easily change output allowing as much (or as a little) light as you need.

    Preview options.
    Choose to preview light patterns through the adjustable modeling lamp. This lamp can be set to adjust up and down as your power is adjusted allowing you to preview the intensity of the light falling onto your subject. There is also an additional option of keeping the modeling light on at full power regardless of adjustments or completely turned off.

    Fast recycle times.
    Don't miss any action as recycle times run from 1 - 2.5 seconds. The higher the power, the longer the recycle times. The lower the power, the faster the recycle times.

    Optical infrared cell.
    The long-range optical cell allows your lights to talk to one another and flash in sequence. This cell will automatically see the other lights so that all flashes are set off simultaneously. Can be used with a wireless trigger as well as turned completely off.

    Adjustments are automatic.
    The Strobelite Plus incorporates an auto-dump feature meaning the unit automatically resets to the correct output when power is adjusted from high to low. Many units out in the market don't offer this causing you to miss great shots because your light wasn't reflecting your output power change.

    Big box. No problem.
    The all-metal tilter bracket on this unit insures that your light can handle the weight of accessories such as extra-large softboxes or octabanks. Many times these larger modifiers can cause stress on your light head where the light head cannot support the weight. No additional brackets needed with the heavy-duty all metal design as weight will be supported no problem.

    Included reflector.
    The included reflector helps direct the light forward as well as serves as a mount for accessories including barn doors and grids.

    Removable power cord.
    This extra-long cord will make sure your light can reach nearby electrical sockets without the need for extra extension cords."