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Ricoh GXR Mount A12, M-Mount

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Use M-Mount lenses from Leica, Zeiss, Voigtlander and more on your GXR digital camera.The highly unique Ricoh GXR system starts with the body, which contains the system controls, screen, recording media, and power source. Individual camera units attach to the body, with each dust-sealed unit housing its own sensor and processing engine. 12.3 Mega... read more
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Use M-Mount lenses from Leica, Zeiss, Voigtlander and more on your GXR digital camera.The highly unique Ricoh GXR system starts with the body, which contains the system controls, screen, recording media, and power source. Individual camera units attach to the body, with each dust-sealed unit housing its own sensor and processing engine.

  • 12.3 Megapixels, APS-C CMOS
  • Compatible with M-Mount Lenses
  • No Low-Pass Filter for Max Sharpness
  • 1/4000s focal plane shutter

Compact, High-Performance Lens Design
Eliminating the lens mount means that the back focal length can be freely defined for the GXR, enabling the new system to use the most optically efficient lens designs and giving it excellent potential for future expansion.

Slide Mechanism for High Precision and Reliability
The combination of the slide, the resin components, and the pressure-welded springs give an appropriate sliding feel and quietness. In the development, high-stress attachment/removal testing was done to verify the reliability of both mechanical and electrical connections.

Highly Airtight System for Superior Dust Proofing
In GXR camera units, the lens and the image sensor are integrated into a single unit. This structure makes it difficult for dust to get in since it is not necessary to expose the inside of the camera when changing lenses. Even in highly dusty shooting environments, camera units can be changed without hesitation

An Innovative Camera System with Interchangeable Units
GXR is a new camera system that consists of a body and camera units. Each camera unit contains a lens (focal lengths differ between units), an image sensor of optimum type and size for the unit, and an image processing engine. By changing units, the photographer can handle a diverse range of scenes in a way that satisfies sophisticated requirements for photo expression. This all-in-one design for the camera units allows image quality, lens design and low-pass filtering to be optimized to each unit's sensor for maximum image quality.

Universal Mount Handling Leica M Lenses and More
GXR MOUNT A12 is compatible with the M mount, which boasts a long, distinguished history and an extensive range of lenses. Besides being able to mount Leica M lenses, lenses with many more types of mounts can also be accommodated if a mount conversion adapter is used. Rediscover the appeal of many "gems" of the lens field as well as other "old friends" from your own lens collection. Focusing is done manually. A checking device is included for use in confirming whether or not your lenses can be physically mounted.

Peripheral-light and Aberration Correction
Correction/compensation can be finely tuned to the characteristics of each lens. Not only can you correct for the optical characteristics and quirks of the lens, you can also go the other way and emphasize those characteristics to enjoy creating a distinctive feel not found in the images of today's lenses.

Peripheral Illumination Correction
Illumination at the periphery of the image can be corrected in a -3 to +3 range. In addition to correcting for inadequate illumination, you can do the reverse and darken the edges to create a tunnel effect that focuses the viewer's gaze.

Assist Function Makes Precise Manual Focusing Possible
A focus assist function is included. Outlines and contrast are strengthened to assist the photographer in easy, high-precision manual focusing. It is also possible to magnify the screen image when shooting. As with existing camera units, you can magnify the central part of the image. In addition, you can now display the magnified central area across the entire screen, making it much easier to focus accurately. The image quality for 4x and 8x magnification has been further enhanced, and the area to be magnified can be moved with the directional pad.

Save Up to 12 My Settings
My Settings enable you to instantaneously switch a wide variety of shooting functions. From GXR MOUNT A12, it is possible to save six My Settings in the body's My Settings Box and six in the SD/SDHC memory card. You can enjoy flexible and dynamic shooting by switching My Settings for different lenses as well as different scenes. In addition, if you enter information such as lens name, focal length, and f-aperture in the lens information entry area of My Settings editing, it is possible to record that lens information in the image Exif information.

A Tilt Indicator Utilizing an Acceleration Sensor
Make sure your shots are perfectly level to the horizon with the built-in tilt indicator. The more accurate the original image, the less post-processing is required on the computer.

1280 × 720 Pixel HD Movies
Enjoy 720p HD movie capture, with all the flexibility of an interchangeable lens camera system. Output your HD movies to modern HDTVs with an HDMI cable (available separately).

12 Megapixels with a Large 23.6 × 15.7 mm APS-C CMOS Sensor
The large 23.6 × 15.7 mm APS-C CMOS Sensor offers beautiful bokeh as well as rich tone gradations. Taking into account the use of lenses such as the symmetrical wide-angle lenses of the film era, this sensor optimizes on-chip micro-lens performance and suppresses peripheral light falloff and color balance changes. There are approximately 12.30 million effective pixels. Based on the design concept of making the best use of the special characteristics of film-era lenses, GR MOUNT A12 makes it possible to draw out all of the sharp imaging power of both classic lenses and the APS-C CMOS Sensor.

Color Shading Correction
Perform color shading correction at the corners of your image, with +/- 4 step range for both Red and Blue channels.

Distortion Correction
Correct for the distortion that tends to occur in the lens periphery. You can select barrel and pincushion distortion and specify "strong," "medium," or "weak" for each.

Shutter Mode Offers Both Focal Plane and Electronic Shutters
The focal plane shutter has a maximum speed of 1/4000 seconds. In manual exposure mode, bulb and time shooting are possible (up to 180 sec.). With "bulb," the exposure continues while the shutter release button is pressed, and with "time," the shutter release button is pressed to start and end the exposure. In addition, if you select "electronic shutter" in scene mode, you can use a fast 1/8000-second shutter speed. It is effective for scenes where you want to suppress sound and vibration.

Even More Scene Mode Options for Enjoyment of a Diverse Range of Photo Expression
The various options optimized for specific scenes now also include as standard those options provided up to now via function-enhancing firmware updates: miniaturize, high contrast B&W, soft focus, cross process, and toy camera. You can create a unique image by just pressing the shutter release button.

Image Flagging Function
Flag up to 20 images for quick review. Especially useful to isolate a handful of images from hundreds or thousands on your memory card.


  • Interchangeable Modular Camera
  • Type: CMOS w primary color filter
  • Size: 23.6 x 15.7mm (APS-C)
  • Effective pixels (total pixels): 12.3 MP (12.9 MP)
  • Dust Removal: n/a (camera module is fully dust sealed)
  • Pixel mapping: n/a
  • Type: GXR MOUNT A12 is compatible with the M mount
  • Digital zoom: 4X w auto-resize 5.9X VGA (3.6X video)
Focus System
  • Type: Manual Focus
  • AF Auxiliary Light: n/a with RICOH GXR MOUNT A12
  • Focus peaking: Yes (RICOH GXR MOUNT A12 only, 2 modes available, n/a during active video recording)
  • Compatible with optional RICOH Viewfinder VF-2
LCD Monitor
  • LCD screen type/size: 3-in. transparent LCD, auto brightness control available
  • LCD resolution: 920,000 dots
  • Wide angle viewable: Yes
  • Type: Built-in series control auto flash
  • Flash modes: Flash Off, Auto, Redeye, Flash On, Slow Sync, Manual
  • GN: 9.6 (ISO 200) / 6.8 (ISO 100) in meters
  • Synchronization speed: 1/180th of a second
  • Flash exposure compensation: ± 2 EV (1/2 or 1/3 steps)
  • Coverage: 24mm (35mm equivalent)
  • Front/rear curtain sync
External Flash
  • Hot Shoe Compatible
  • Type: Compatible with external flash GF-1
  • Synchronization speed: 1/180th second or slower (GXR MOUNT A12 module w/ built-in or external flash)
  • Ambient light automatic (function available only with the external flash GF-1)
Storage Media
  • Internal memory: 86 MB
  • Removable memory: SD, SDHC Card Slot
  • Ports: USB 2.0 hi-speed, AV out, HDMI (Mini, Type C)
  • Video out: NTSC, PAL, HD (HDMI supports AD Auto, 1080i, 720p, 480p)
  • Microphone: Built-in monaural
Power Supply
  • Power source: Rechargeable Li-Ion battery DB-90
  • Recordable images: Approx 330 (CIPA)
  • AC adapter available: Yes (sold separately)
Physical Specs
  • Body dimensions (W x H x D): 4.5 x 2.8 x 1.5-in.
  • Camera module/mount dimensions (W x H x D): 3.1 x 2.4 x 1.6-in.
Body weight
  • Without battery or removable memory: 5.6 oz
  • Loaded and ready: 7.1 oz
  • Weight of body with module and battery: 13.2 oz
  • Camera module/mount weight: 6 oz
  • Body primary construction material(s): Magnesium alloy
  • Camera module/mount primary construction material(s): Magnesium alloy
  • Operating temperature: 32-104°F
  • Ruggedized features: n/a
Language Support
  • English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Thai, Simplified/Traditional Chinese
Metering System
  • Type: TTL
  • Metering patterns (multi, center, spot): Multi 256, Center, Spot
  • Exposure compensation: ± 4 EV (1/2 or 1/3 steps)
  • Exposure lock: Yes
  • Exposure bracketing:± 2 EV (3 frames, 1/2 or 1/3 steps, individual image exposure adjustable)
  • Exposure link range (Auto shooting mode, Centerweighted light metering): With use of a standard lens (F2.5): 1.2 EV to 13.2 EV
ISO Sensitivity
  • Auto, Auto-Hi, ISO-LO, ISO 200, ISO 250, ISO 320, ISO 400, ISO 500, ISO 640, ISO 800, ISO 1000, ISO 1250, ISO 1600, ISO 2000, ISO2500, ISO 3200
  • Manual: 200-3200
White Balance
  • Type: Image sensor detection
  • Auto preset modes: Auto, Multi-Pattern Auto, Outdoors, Cloudy, Incandescent 1, Incandescent 2, Fluorescent, Detail,
  • White Balance Bracketing
  • Manual mode(s): Yes
  • WB fine adjustment: ± 8 steps B-A axis or G-M axis
  • Photographs: 1/4000 - 180 s, bulb, time (upper and lower limits vary according to shooting and flash modes)
  • Maximum flash sync shutter speed: 1/180 s
  • Movies: 1/2000 - 1/30 s
Capture Modes
  • Mode selection: Auto, Program Shift (P), Aperture Priority (A), Shutter Priority (S), Manual (M), Scene, My Settings (My1, My2, My3)
  • Scene modes: Movie, Portrait, Sports, Landscape, Nightscape, Skew Correction, Miniaturize, High Contrast B&W, Soft Focus, Cross Process, Toy Camera, Electronic Shutter
  • Custom Image modes: Vivid, Standard, Natural, Black & White, B&W (TE), Setting 1, Setting 2
  • Green simplified mode available: n/a
  • Face detection available: n/a
  • PASMB: P, A, S, M, B
  • Date stamp: Yes (date, date & time)
  • Digital filters (capture): n/a (see Custom Image modes above)
  • Bracketing options: Exposure, White Balance, color, ISO
  • Dynamic range adjustment: n/a
  • Digital level: Horizontal tilt
  • File/Folder customization: Embed copyright
Drive Modes
  • Mode selection: Single, Continuous (Continuous, M-Cont Hi, M-Cont Lo), Self-Timer (10s, 2s, custom 1-10 shots at 5-10 sec intervals)
  • Continuous FPS: Approx 4 FPS (NR set to off or weak), M-Cont Hi last 30 frames at 24 FPS at 1280x856 saved in multi-image file, M-Cont Lo last 15 frames at 3 FPS at 4228x2848 saved in multi-image file
  • Multi-exposure: n/a
  • Interval: , 5s to 1h interval in 5s increments HDR: n/a
  • Cable switch: Yes (sold separately)
Playback Modes
  • Mode selection: One Shot (no data, basic data, basic data w bright/dark indication, full data w histogram), Index (20 or 81 thumbnails), Magnification (up to 16X, scrollable, quick magnification), Calendar, Select & Delete, Movie Playback (no data, basic data)
  • Mode pallet: Flag Function Setting, Flag Function Display, Resize, Trim, Level Compensation, WB Compensation, Skew Correction, Slideshow, Protect, Copy to Card, DPOF, Export Still Images, Recover File
  • Digital filters (playback): n/a
File Formats
  • Image size in pixels: 4288 × 2416, 3776 × 2832, 4288 × 2848, 2848 × 2848, 3456 × 1944, 3072 × 2304, 3456 × 2304, 2304 × 2304, 2592 × 1944, 2048 × 1536, 1280 × 960, 640 × 480
  • Quality levels: RAW, F (fine), N (normal)
  • File formats: RAW (DNG), JPG (EXIF 2.3), DCF 2.0 compliant, DPOF, PIM III
  • Color space: sRGB, AdobeRGB
Computer Requirements
  • Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 4
  • Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3 / Professional Service Pack 3
  • Windows Vista Service Pack 2 / Windows 7

-Ricoh GXR+ Mount A12 (M Mount)
-Battery Charger
-USB cable, AV cable
-Software CD
-Lens Checking Unit
-Lens Bag
-Rechargeable battery
-Mount Unit
-Mount Cover Cap

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