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FujiFilm X10


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Lens x Finder - Experience the Extreme Shooting Sensation The combination of versatile & functional Fujinon lens and a bright viewfinder give a sensational shooting experience. F2.0-2.8 Fujinon Optical 4x Zoom Lens (28-112mm) The X10 features a newly developed manual 4x optical zoom lens utilizing Fujinon optical technology. With superb F2.0-2.8 b... read more
FujiFilm X10FujiFilm X10
FujiFilm X10 FujiFilm X10 FujiFilm X10 FujiFilm X10 FujiFilm X10 FujiFilm X10 FujiFilm X10 FujiFilm X10
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Lens x Finder - Experience the Extreme Shooting Sensation
The combination of versatile & functional Fujinon lens and a bright viewfinder give a sensational shooting experience. F2.0-2.8 Fujinon Optical 4x Zoom Lens (28-112mm) The X10 features a newly developed manual 4x optical zoom lens utilizing Fujinon optical technology. With superb F2.0-2.8 brightness and a 4x optical zoom ranging from 28mm wide angle to 112mm telephoto, the lens not only delivers high resolution optical performance across the entire range, but is also a triumph of engineering due to its compact size. Boasting rich descriptive performance, the all-purpose lens captures your encounters with amazing presence.

All-glass 9-groups/11-elements Configuration - Obsessed with Excellence.
In order to maintain the X10's compact shell whilst ensuring high image quality, Fujinon has adopted lenses made of glass with superior optical characteristics for all elements in the 9-groups/11-elements configuration. The design incorporates an arrangement of aspheric lenses, ED lenses and high-refractive index lenses, and are treated with Fujinon's originally developed Super EBC (Electron Beam Coating).

3 Aspherical Lenses - For Rich Resolution and a Compact Form -
By using 3 high-performance aspherical lenses, the X10 delivers sharp image quality with rich resolution. These lenses also contribute to a more compact overall lens configuration and the X10's compact body size ensuring you can easily take it everywhere with you.

Spherical Lens Aspherical Lens
ED Lens - Removing All Color Fringing Even at High Magnification - Two ED lenses have been employed for their low dispersion and effective reduction of chromatic aberrations. By preventing color fringing and reducing contrast, the X10 lens captures images with superb accuracy across the zoom range from wide angle to telephoto.

High Resolution Across the Entire Zoom Range
From wide angle to telephoto, and from the centre of the image to the edges, the X10 fully exploits the advantages of its bright lens and demonstrates its superb resolution with the aperture at its widest setting. The X10's optical performance is designed to capture images with exceptional sharpness of detail and color fidelity in every scene.

Professional Quality Accomplished by the Perfect Combination
A perfect fusion of Fujinon lens, newly developed 2/3-inch EXR CMOS sensor and EXR Processor take your picture to the next dimension. Fujinon Lens Capturing your moments in exquisite distortion-free detail, the outstanding resolution of Fujinon lenses is the product of advanced lens design supported by original high precision lens engineering and processing technologies.

Large 2/3-inch EXR CMOS Sensor
12 Megapixels 2/3-inch EXR CMOS Sensor Featuring Fujifilm's bespoke pixel array, the X10 captures high quality images with its large 2/3-inch EXR CMOS sensor. And you'll be able to enjoy high-speed continuous photography and Full HD movie shooting thanks to the high performance CMOS element of the sensor.

Design and Style that Follow Function
From design to style, the X10 takes in every possibility to maximize the functionality, featuring a Metal Zoom Ring with Built-in Power Switch.

Smooth Action with Firm Reassuring Precision
As you raise X10 to your eye to frame your shot, you can power up the camera, never letting your attention waver from the subject in the viewfinder.

The Metal Cam-driven Mechanism
The metal cam-driven mechanism and a special grease originally developed ensure that magnification is precisely on-target, and the smooth high-precision zoom operates perfectly.

Luxury Design
Every look deepens your attachment to this camera. Every touch excites your curiosity about its potential. The design and choice of materials are meant to anticipate your heart's every desire and enhance your enjoyment of photography. With the X10 as your companion every moment of every day, the adventure goes on.

Professional and Creative Photo Expression
Refined functions let you endeavor distinctive photo expressions. For both professional and creative needs, the X10 functions will fire your passion for photography.

1cm Super Macro
At a distance of just 1cm, macro photography using the X10 allows you to capture all the exquisite detail of your subject from really close up.

Color Photography
Just like choosing the ideal film for your creative direction, this easy-to-use mode lets you simulate the color and tonal qualities of color reversal film types loved by professional photographers: the true-to-scene natural look of PROVIA, the vibrant tonality and saturated colors of Velvia, and the silky soft look and beautiful skin tones of ASTIA. The X10 makes it simple to take photographs with distinctive Fujichrome color - a quality that only film could previously capture.

Monochrome Photography
Replicating the effects of monochrome film photography, the X10 lets you use color filters to expand your photographic interpretation. Heighten contrast with the Ye filter and R filter. Brighten greens and deepen reds with the G filter. Just as you once selected a filter and printing paper to complement your creative vision, the X10 empowers expression with a choice of an array of image quality enhancement functions.

Versatile Functions
Selected functions that let you capture the moment as the total experience. The X10 is much more than a precision instrument for your endless fascination of photography.

Motion Panorama 360 - Photo Gallery Quality
Just sweep the camera right-left or up-down to shoot giant panoramas up to 360°. When you view the panorama playing back on your camera or personal computer, you can enjoy a seamless panorama image with both ends stitched together to create a “cylinder” view.

Intelligent Digital Zoom
Digitally Double Your Zoom and Still Enjoy Excellent Resolution For telephoto shots beyond the 4x optical zoom range, Intelligent Digital Zoom doubles your zoom to the equivalent of 8x zoom and delivers excellent sharpness and detail.

Model Name

  • X10
Number of Effective Pixels
  • 12.0 million pixels
Image Sensor
  • 2/3-inch EXR CMOS with primary color filter
Storage Media
  • SD / SDHC / SDXC(UHS-I) memory card
File Format
  • still image- JPEG (Exif Ver 2.3), RAW (RAF format), RAW + JPEG
  • movie- H.264 (MOV) with Stereo sound
Number of Recorded Pixels
  • L : (4:3) 4000 x 3000 / (3:2) 4000 x 2664 / (16:9) 4000 x 2248 / (1:1) 2992 x 2992
  • M : (4:3) 2816 x 2112 / (3:2) 2816 x 1864 / (16:9) 2816 x 1584 / (1:1) 2112 x 2112
  • S : (4:3) 2048 x 1536 / (3:2) 2048 x 1360 / (16:9) 1920 x 1080 / (1:1) 1536 x 1536
Motion Panorama
  • 360&deg Vertical 11520 x 1624 Horizontal 11520 x 1080
  • 180&deg Vertical 5760 x 1624 Horizontal 5760 x 1080
  • 120&deg Vertical 3840 x 1624 Horizontal 3840 x 1080
Lens Name
  • Fujinon 4 x optical zoom lens
Focal Length
  • f=7.1 - 28.4 mm, equivalent to 28 - 112 mm on a 35 mm camera
  • F2.0 (Wide) - F2.8 (Telephoto)
  • 9 groups 11 lenses (3 aspherical glass molded lenses included)
Digital Zoom
  • Intelligent digital zoom (approx. 2X)
  • F2.0-F11(Wide)
  • F2.8-F11(Telephoto) 1/3EV step (controlled 7-blade aperture diaphragm)
Focus Distance
  • Normal- Wide : Approx. 50 cm / 1.6 ft. to infinity; Telephoto : Approx. 80 cm / 2.6 ft. to infinity
  • Macro- Wide : Approx. 10 cm - 3.0 m / 0.3 ft. - 9.8 ft.; Telephoto : Approx. 50 cm - 3.0 m / 1.6 ft. - 9.8 ft.
  • Super Macro- Approx. 1.0 cm - 1.0 m / 0.4 in. - 3.3 ft
  • Auto / Equivalent to ISO 100 / 200 / 250 / 320 / 400 / 500 / 640 / 800 / 1000 / 1250 / 1600 / 2000 / 2500 / 3200 / 4000 / 5000 / 6400 / 12800 (Standard Output Sensitivity)
Exposure Control
  • TTL 256-zones metering, Multi / Spot / Average
Exposure Mode
  • Programmed AE, Aperture Priority AE, Shutter Priority AE, Manual
Shooting Modes
  • SP, Natural Light, Natural Light & Flash, Portrait, Portrait Enhancer, Landscape, Sport, Night, Night (Tripod), Fireworks, Sunset, Snow, Beach, Party, Flower, Text, Underwater
Mode Dial
  • EXR, AUTO, P, S, A, M, C1, C2, Movie, SP, Adv.
Image Stabilizer
  • Lens shift type
Face Detection
  • Yes
Exporsure Compensation
  • -2.0EV - +2.0EV 1/3EV step
Shutter Speed
  • (Auto mode) 1/4 sec. to 1/4000 sec.
  • (All other modes) 30 sec. to 1/4000 sec.
Continuous Shooting
  • Super High : approx. 10 fps (Size M, S)
  • High : approx. 7 fps (Size L, M, S)
  • Middle : approx. 5 fps (Size L, M, S)
  • Low : approx. 3 fps (Size L, M, S)
Best Frame Capture
  • Super High : approx. 10 fps 8 / 16 frames (Size M, S)
  • High : approx. 7 fps 8 frames (Size L, M, S) / 16 frames (Size M, S)
  • Middle : approx. 5 fps 8 frames (Size L, M, S) / 16 frames (Size M, S)
  • Low : approx. 3 fps 8 frames (Size L, M, S) / 16 frames (Size M, S)
Auto Bracketing
  • AE Bracketing : &plusmn1/3EV, &plusmn2/3EV, &plusmn1EV
  • Film Simulation Bracketing : PROVIA / STANDARD, Velvia / VIVID, ASTIA / SOFT
  • Dynamic Range Bracketing : 100%, 200%, 400%
  • ISO Sensitivity Bracketing : &plusmn1/3EV, &plusmn2/3EV, &plusmn1EV
Focus Mode
  • Single AF / Continuous AF (EXR AUTO, Movie
  • Manual AF (One-push AF mode included)
  • TTL contrast AF, AF assist illuminator available
AF Frame Selection
  • Multi, Area, Tracking
White Balance
  • Automatic scene recognition
  • Preset : Fine, Shade, Fluorescent light (Daylight), Fluorescent light (Warm White), Fluorescent light (Cool White), Incandescent light, Underwater, Custom, Color temperature selection
  • 10 sec. / 2 sec. delay
  • Auto flash (super intelligent flash)
  • Effective range : (ISO AUTO (800))
  • Wide : Approx. 50 cm - 7.0 m / 1.6 ft. - 22.9 ft.
  • Telephoto : Approx. 80 cm - 5.0 m / 2.6 ft. - 16.4 ft.
Flash Modes
  • Red-eye removal OFF : Auto, Forced Flash, Suppressed Flash, Slow Synchro.
  • Red-eye removal ON : Red-eye Reduction Auto, Red-eye Reduction & Forced Flash, Suppressed Flash, Red-eye Reduction & Slow Synchro.
Hot Shoe
  • Yes
  • Optical zoom viewfinder
  • Approx. 85% coverage
  • Diopter adjustment : -3.5 - +1.5 m-1(dpt)
LCD Monitor
  • 2.8-inch, approx. 460,000 dots, TFT color LCD monitor, approx. 100% coverage
Movie Recording
  • 1920 x 1080 pixels / 1280 x 720 pixels / 640 x 480 pixels (30 frames / sec.) with stereo sound Optical zoom (manual) can be used.
Photography Functions
  • EXR mode (EXR Auto / Resolution priority / High ISO & Low noise priority / Dynamic range priority), Face recognition, Face Detection, Auto red-eye removal, Film simulation, Framing guideline, Frame No. memory, Histogram display, Best frame capture, Advanced mode (Motion panorama360, Pro focus, Pro low light), High Speed Movie (70 / 120 / 200 frames/sec.), Electronic level, One-touch RAW, Advanced Anti Blur
Playback Functions
  • Face Detection, Auto red-eye removal, Multi-frame playback (with micro thumbnail), Protect, Crop, Resize, Slide show, Image rotate, Voice memo, Histogram display, Exposure warning, Photobook assist, Image search, Favorites, Mark for upload, Panorama, Erase selected frames, RAW conversing
Other Functions
  • PictBridge, Exif Print, 35 Languages, Time difference, Silent mode
Terminal Video Output
  • NTSC / PAL selectable with Monaural sound
Digital Interface
  • USB 2.0 High-Speed
  • HDMI output
  • HDMI Mini connector
Power Supply
  • NP-50 Li-ion battery (included)
  • CP-50 with AC power adapter AC-5VX (sold separately)
  • 117.0(W) x 69.6(H) x 56.8(D) mm / 4.6(W) x 2.7(H) x 2.2(D) in.
  • Approx. 350 g / 12.3 oz. (including battery and memory card)
  • Approx. 330 g / 11.6 oz. (excluding battery and memory card)
Operating Temperature
  • 0&degC - 40&degC
Operating Humidity
  • 10% - 80% (no condensation)

- Fujifilm X10 Digital Camera
- Li-ion battery NP-50
- Battery charger BC-45W
- Shoulder strap
- Lens cap
- USB cable
- Owner's manual