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Westcott Micro Apollo Speedlight Softbox Modifier Kit


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Manufacturer # 2200

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  • Eliminate red eye
  • Softens harsh light
  • Fits virtually all speedlites
  • Installs quickly
  • Requires no brackets
  • Out of stock
    Eliminate red eye.
    This Micro Apollo on-camera flash modifier will quickly and easily eliminate unwanted red eye.

    Soften harsh light.
    Diffusing light on average 1 1/2-stops, this mini soft box takes harsh light projected from a speedlite and softens it while eliminating shadows.

    Universal fit.
    The Micro Apollo has a durable solid frame with arms that swing outward. These arms and elastic collar provide a perfect fit onto virtually all style battery powered strobes and speedlites.

    Pure white rip stop front.
    The front fabric is constructed of a pure white rip stop fabric. This means the color going into the fabric will be the same color projected back out of it.

    Maximize light output.
    The Micro Apollo body is constructed of highly reflective silver rip stop fabric providing maximum light output.

    Quick set up.
    Attach the included loop tape to each side of your flash. Then, simply attach the Micro Apollo by lining up the hook tape located on the frame arms to the loop tape. Within seconds, you'll be ready to begin shooting.

    No additional brackets needed.
    The lightweight design of this unit requires no additional brackets or mounts. Simply attach the Micro Apollo to your speedlite by pairing the hook and loop tape.

    Manual or auto flash.
    Works easily with either manual or auto flash.
  • Size: 5" X 8" (127 x 203mm)
  • Weight: 0.5 pounds (0.23 kilograms)
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