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A camera lens (a.k.a. an objective lens or the camera's optics) is usually purchased separately for digital camera models with removable lenses. You should be certain that you research and locate digital camera lenses that are compatible with your camera; lenses for individual brands - such as Nikon camera lenses, Canon camera lenses and Sony camera lenses - are not interchangeable. A review of camera lenses is a good source of information to find the best lens for your camera at the right price. Digital camera lenses are made of several optic lens elements that are precisely ground and assembled to give the exact qualities desired. It is a complex mechanism, and must be able to handle a range of apertures, focal lengths, and other properties. Vibration Reduction (VR) is a popular feature in many lenses today; it allows you to take still images when using a lens with high magnification or in low light conditions.