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Brand: Turtle Beach
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Wireless Gaming Headphones for Xbox 360 with Improved Xbox Live Chat!
Pump up the volume without disturbing friends, family or neighbors. Wireless gaming headphones allow you to freely move around as you play. Hear every nuance of the game - from an opponent sneaking up behind you to your teammate's voice right next to you. Trash talk online. Block out distractions. They're everything you need for an amazing gaming experience.
Includes Headphones with microphone, Transmitter, Xbox Live Talkback cable, 6 foot splitter cable, Suction cup/velcro tabs, AAA batteries, DC power adapter, User guide.

  • Microphone Monitoring
    If you're wearing headphones, it's hard to hear yourself speak, so you'll tend to talk louder. To address this, the X3 incorporates microphone monitoring. Just like a telephone, the X3 mixes a portion of the microphone signal into the headphone signal, so you can hear some of your voice along with the online chatting and game audio. This lets you easily sense what you're saying, but not so much that it's distracting. Mic monitoring not only helps you stop talking so loud, it also eliminates that annoying "clogged ears" feeling when talking while headphones are covering your ears.

  • Dynamic Talkback Level Control
    The dynamic talkback expander automatically adjusts Xbox Live chat levels during loud moments, so chat from teammates isn't lost in the exciting parts of your game. During normal game volume levels, the expander doesn't affect the chat level. As the game audio increases, the chat volume is automatically increased so you can continue to hear what everyone is saying. When the game volume quiets down, the chat level gradually returns to the normal volume setting. It's a simple solution to an annoying problem, and it all happens automatically -- so you don't have to adjust anything!

  • Stereo Expander
    The X3 transmitter incorporates a stereo expander feature that spreads the stereo signal to provide a "wider" effect. This results in a richer, fuller sound than normal stereo -- almost as if it originates from outside of the headphones. The expander is most effective on sounds that spread across both ears, like rain, wind, and background music. Directional game sounds, like bullets flying across your head, won't be affected, so as not to change their positional characteristics.

  • Bass Boost
    The X3 headphones incorporate a bass boost feature that produces deep, rich bass tones by increasing the volume of low frequency sounds -- just like turning up the sub-woofer on your home theater system. This can improve your gaming experience by enhancing the sound of explosions, gun shots and other deep-bass sound effects to make them even more dramatic. Bass boost can be turned off with the slide switch on the headphones. You might want to do this, for example, when using the X3 for listening to music that requires a flat frequency response for truer reproduction.

  • Voice Chat mixed with Stereo Game Sound
    Conventional communicator headsets compromise your gaming experience by covering one ear for hearing chat audio and leaving the other ear for hearing game audio pumping from speakers. The X3 overcomes this problem by combining stereo game audio with online chat on high-fidelity stereo headphones -- delivering the ultimate gaming experience with privacy and clarity. There are separate volume controls for the game and chat audio levels, so you can easily balance them and never have to worry about missing a cue from your teammates.

  • Automatic Power Shut-off
    The automatic shut-off feature means you'll never have to worry about forgetting to shut off the headphones to conserve battery power. When you're done playing, just put them down and they'll automatically shut off after a few minutes of silence. The indicator light will flash faster to let you know they're about to shut-down.

  • Infrared Wireless Technology
    The X3 transmitter communicates with the headphones via a wireless infrared (IR) light beam to assure high-fidelity and reliable operation. Unlike radio frequency (RF) communication, audio transmission via IR is much less sensitive to interference from microwave ovens, cell phones, wireless networks, wireless phones and other RF devices found around the home.
    Even Bluetooth, another form of RF, can introduce a delay into the audio signal that can be annoying during game play. Wireless IR is instantaneous, so there's no lag between action on the screen and the sound on your headphones. Although IR requires that the headphones and transmitter be directly positioned, you're always in 'line-of-sight' of your TV when playing games, (unless you can see around corners) so that isn't a problem.

  • Review Snapshot®
    Avg. Customer Rating:
    5 stars
    (based on 2 reviews)
    Great headset!
    By OjiVerified Reviewer from Ellicott City, MD on 7/21/2009
    Fast Setup, Improved Game Play, Improved Network Play, Night Time Playing
    Difficult to get used to, Puck might break
    Best Uses:
    Entertainment, Games, Interactivity, Music, Storage
    Describe Yourself:
    Hardcore Gamer
    Bottom Line:
    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

    Comments about Turtle Beach Turtle Beach Ear Force X3 Audio Headset for Xbox 360:

    It's a great headset for a cheap price. If you're not completely serious about playing videogames, this is for you. It's perfect to improve your game play, listen and master footsteps in games, night time playing as you won't wake anyone up and it's of good quality.

    I use the product for Call of Duty 4 to listen to footsteps and know where everyone else is in Search and Destroy.

    It's great because you know where people are running around, and you get the advantage.

    The only thing that's not so great is that your ear might hurt if you have a large head, though you have to play for a long time to feel anything.

    Good luck! Great buy!

    Awesome Product - High Price
    By Joey the WarriorVerified Purchaser from Dallas, Texas on 12/31/2008
    Easy To Use, Improved Game Play
    Best Uses:
    Entertainment, Games
    Describe Yourself:
    Hardcore Gamer
    Bottom Line:
    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

    Comments about Turtle Beach Turtle Beach Ear Force X3 Audio Headset for Xbox 360:

    Comfortable fit. Works very well. Just high price to pay.

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