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Like magic, ArcSoft Panorama Maker transforms any series of overlapping photos into a single, gorgeous panoramic print in just a matter of seconds. After the program quickly analyzes each sequential photo for matching points, it instantly produces a seamless digital photograph that can be printed, emailed or posted to the web. The application even includes an option for stitching photos into 360-degree files that can be viewed as a movie file or from within a web browser.
  • Supports horizontal, vertical and tile format stitching
  • Supports 360-degree panoramic output
  • Boasts fast, fully-automatic rendering
  • Includes tools for making manual adjustments
  • Features multiple page printing for long-format prints
  • Allows you to save in a variety of image formats

Multiple panorama options - Panorama Maker gives you four style options: horizontal, vertical, tiled, and 360-degree.

Perfect Results - Stitch a series of overlapping pictures together using ArcSoft Panorama Maker and you won't believe how great it looks. Advanced photo stitching technology gives you totally seamless results in just seconds.

Stitch to Print - Whether you're looking to create panoramas of long mountain vistas, very tall trees, or highly detailed architecture, ArcSoft Panorama Maker has a setting that can do the job. The program includes stitching options for horizontal, vertical, and tiled imagery.

Stitch to Present - The application even includes a feature for turning a circular series of digital stills into a fully interactive 360-degree movie file -- great for posting to the web as a virtual tour or adding into a computer presentation. For best 360-degree results, the use of a tripod is strongly recommended.

Special Technology - Unlike other stitching software, ArcSoft Panorama Maker includes advanced technology for detecting movement of people and objects within a series of photos. Incredibly, the program automatically edits the final image by removing multiple instances of the same person so the final panorama is not spoiled by redundant information.

Image Enhancement - Tools for brightening, sharpening and cropping your panoramic images are included in the software. This way, you'll never need to go to another application for post-processing enhancement.

Multiple Save and Export Options - The application supports all common image file formats including JPG, TIF, BMP, and PCT. Output options for 360-degree panoramic images include Flash, QuickTime (MOV) and HTML (VRML).

Manual Adjustment - Although you'll probably never need it, the program includes controls for manually defining blending points so you can have greater control over the way your images are stitched together.

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3.5 stars
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Simple as 1.2.3. Fantastic enhancements
By waynec704Verified Purchaser from Atlantic City, NJ on 12/4/2008
Accurate Colors and Controls, Easy To Collaborate Across Programs, Easy To Customize, Easy To Navigate, Versatile
Best Uses:
Educational Purposes, Presentations
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Value Oriented
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Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Comments about ArcSoft ArcSoft Panorama Maker (Windows/Macintosh):

I use this product with our photo club and for displaying room set-ups.

Images shared by: waynec704


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Tags: Made with Product

Works like a charm
By MattVerified Reviewer from McKinney on 10/3/2008
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Quality Oriented
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Comments about ArcSoft ArcSoft Panorama Maker (Windows/Macintosh):

I got this as a trial software along with I think a camera I bought. I used it a few times and it worked even better than Photoshop's photomerge feature. Not just a little better... a lot better. Whether you're doing a 360 degree stitch of a room or a panoramic photo of scenery, it works excellent. I'm going to go buy it.

Great stiching software
By Bill ConwayVerified Reviewer from Lusby, Maryland on 5/6/2007
Easy To Install, Easy To Navigate, Powerful
Best Uses:
Home, Laptop, Office
Bottom Line:
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Comments about ArcSoft ArcSoft Panorama Maker (Windows/Macintosh):

Panorama Maker is a great photograph stitching program. It is quick, accurate and the blending of the images can't be beaten. I have done very difficult stitches that were impossable to do in Photoshop's Photomerge or by hand. Panoramic Maker now makes it possible to make great panoramic pictures from handheld images, not requiring those expensive heads for your tripod and it makes those done on the special tripod heads even better. I just can't say enough about this program. I am a little dissapointed that in Version 4 the editing section was not included.

Images shared by: Bill Conway

3 Panel Photograph Before Stitching

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The Mudd House after Stitching

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beware of ArcSoft products
By burned from Missouri on 12/4/2006
Hard To Install or Upgrade, Not Powerful Enough, not supported

Comments about ArcSoft ArcSoft Panorama Maker (Windows/Macintosh):

CAUTION, be forewarned by my experiences: the three ArcSoft products I own have all been exercises in frustration, wasted time and effort, and failure to function.

ArcSoft sells BUGGY software. For example, PhotoBase 4.5 & Photo Impression 5 both fail to install on an HP PC running Windows XP Home Edition. Panorama Maker 3 installs and opens but gives error messages when trying to work with albums and files.

ArcSoft DOES NOT SUPPORT their products. They do not answer emails or phone calls. Their internet knowledge base is very spotty and incomplete. When downloads are available, ArcSoft instructs customers to have no confidence in them: “Program patches/updates … may or may not work, and may actually cause your program(s) to function improperly.”

ArcSoft intentionally designs their software to be USER-UNFRIENDLY. For example, there is no help feature and no display of version number in Panorama Maker 3. If users go online to the ArcSoft knowledge base and search, they will find a listing of 5 steps to go through to discover a version number. The manual and knowledge base have no index and no list of errors or ways to troubleshoot them.

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