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Golf Launchpad Tour is a state-of-the-art golf simulator for Windows, Mac and PlayStation3 that offers world-class golf simulation, swing-analysis and play on the world’s greatest courses in EA Sports’ Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008. Play ultra-realistic golf with your own clubs for the ultimate in feel and precision.

Golf Launchpad Tour is precision-engineered golf simulator built with high speed optical sensors, a regulation DuPont Surlyn golf ball, and an ingenious micro capture net. Golf Launchpad Tour is the only home golf simulator that provides authentic feel, sound and accuracy from driving to putting without big simulator cost and space requirements.

With its RealPhysics processing engine, enhanced optics, a new compact design and PC + MAC + PS3 compatibility out-of-the-box, Golf Launchpad Tour takes home golf simulation to beyond what even the big simulators offer!

What is it?

Golf Launchpad Tour is a home golf simulator that allows the users to golf with their own clubs. Golf Launchpad Tour features a tethered regulation golf ball and optical signal processing technology for unmatched realism. Compatible with Windows, PlayStation3 and Mac OSX. Golf Launchpad Tour is truly plug-and-play. Simple connect Launchpad into your PC, Mac or PlayStation3's USB port, start TIGER WOODS or LPDR-TOUR and you're ready to play or practice!

Golf Launchpad Tour is the only golf simulator that gives you the real deal - authentic feel, sound and performance from driving to putting with your own clubs - without big simulator cost and mega-space requirements!

How it Works

Golf Launchpad's tethered ball has been designed to reproduce the impact-physics of a free ball to perfection. Utilizing a flexible tether (which permits the ball to spin) and a precisely calibrated pivot, Golf Launchpad's ball is designed to impart the same forces to the club as a free ball. This means that you feel and hear the thwack of your irons and the ping of your woods just as you would on the fairway. We call this TruFeel and it is the subject of several patent applications. Optical sensors embedded deep under the turf track your club over the sensor grid during the critical moment of impact, measuring vast quantities of data off your club, such as angle, velocity, acceleration and path. Electric~Spin’s state-of-the-art digital signal processing technology embedded in Golf Launchpad converts the mountains of raw data into pinpoint accuracy.

A regulation Surlyn golf-ball on a lightweight, flexible tether connected to a double-ball-bearing pivot arrangement to reproduce the mechanical dynamics of free-ball impact for accurate feel and impact-sound (user replaceable).

Optical sensors and digital signal processing circuitry to measure the clubs’ motion through impact, including such parameters such as clubspeed, club face-angle and club-path, and translate these data into simulated ball flight in the game.

LPDR is a sophisticated software driving range simulator for Golf Launchpad. LPDR provides swing and shot analysis, featuring aircraft style instrumentation, shot speed and angle, as well as ball launch data and trajectory graphs.

  • Precision high speed optical processing technology
  • Suitable for standard 8ft/2.4m ceilings
  • Compatible with EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003-2009
  • Seamless USB plug & play on PC, Mac, and PlayStation3
  • USB powered - no external power source required

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    Great value simulator, loads of fun
    By TheParChaser from Ontario on 12/12/2009
    Easy To Set Up, Easy To Use, Quality Construction
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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

    Comments about Electric Spin Electric Spin Golf Launchpad Golf Simulator:

    This is a great sim. I use it to practice year round. My game's never been better, and I've been playing more rounds since I got this thing. The sound and feel are very authentic. Nothing negative to say -- just does what it says. I use it on my PC and PS3

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