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Brand: Quantaray
Located in: Camera Straps
Quantaray Neo Air Comfort Straps
Let's take another look at the AIRCELL technology incorporated into our NEO AIR COMFORT STRAPS!

Why an AirCell strap?
  • Those little comfort pillows built into every AirCell strap are designed to reduce discomfort and fatigue. AirCells are perfect for absorbing impact and shock. No more waking up the next day wondering, "What did I do to beat up my neck and shoulder?"
  • Did you know the AirCell surface is non-skid too?
What happens if I pop a hole in an AirCell?
  • The good news is each AirCell is completely separate from its adjoining cell, ensuring the product stays completely functional if a single cell is punctured.
Why does your camera feel lighter when you use these straps?
  • The elasticity of the strap is what does this! It's like magic! The camera weight appears to be reduced due to the elasticity of the strap, and it helps to alleviate the pressure normally associated with shoulder straps.
What can I use this strap for?
  • We are suggesting SLR's, camcorders, point and shoot cameras, and binoculars..anything you can attach a strap to! Since the Neo Air Comfort Straps attach without the use of metal clips, there is no risk of scratching your camera or binocular! What about replacing the strap that comes with your camera bag and upgrading to a Neo Air Comfort strap?
I'm confused! Why are there extra clips on the 2" and 2 ?" version of the Neo Air strap?
  • Check it out! You can remove the center section of the AirCell strap, clip the two shorter pieces together, and the strap converts to a hand strap for your camera! Cool! This is great for using the camera around the house when you don't want a large strap in your way.
How strong is the strap?
  • The two bigger straps are rated to carry over 15 pounds!
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