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Brand: Sony
Located in: Camera Flash Units
Expand your creativity with the revolutionary HVL-F20AM compact external flash, which extends illumination range beyond the camera’s built-in flash. Bounce flash enables shadowless indirect lighting while TTL (through the lens) flash exposure is automatically controlled by your ? DSLR for easy and intuitive operation-all in an ultra-compact design which folds flat when not in use.

  • Extends flash range beyond camera’s built-in flash : Though compact and lightweight, the HVL-F20AM has a maximum range twice that of the built-in flash units on 230, 330 and 380 cameras. This is represented as the guide number (GN) of 20 with a 50mm focal distance at ISO 100.
  • Bounce flash enables shadowless indirect lighting : When set to ‘indoor’ shooting mode, the flash points up to bounce light off the ceiling for shadowless illumination of your subject. When set to the ‘outdoor’ shooting mode, the flash directs light directly at your subject.
  • Built-in diffuser for wide and telephoto shooting : With the built-in diffuser the flash illumination covers an angle of view of 27mm at the default Standard Position setting. If users want to to shoot at a greater distance, they can rotate the dial on the side of the flash unit to the ‘Tele’ Position. Although this reduces flash coverage to an angle of view of 50mm, it extends the range to illuminate more distant subjects.
  • Easy intuitive operation : Unlike most external flash units, the HVL-F20AM has no dedicated ON/OFF switch. Instead, power is automatically switched on simply by raising the flash unit into the shooting position. In addition, a switch on the side of the unit offers Indoor and Outdoor settings, making it easy to obtain flash illumination that suits the shooting situation. A charging lamp indicates when the flash is ready to fire.
  • Light (90g / 3.2oz), slim (24mm / 1”) ultra-compact design : With a weight of only 90g (approx.) and a thickness of only 24mm (1 inch), the HVL-F20AM is so compact it can simply be folded down and left mounted on the camera when it is not in use, or detached and carried in a shirt pocket. When removed from the camera, the flash unit's hot shoe can be folded to the side, making the body even more compact.
  • Elegant and attractive styling : Viewed from any angle, the HVL-F20AM's revolutionary body is sleek, slim, and virtually protrusion-free. The new design also eliminates the LCD display panel found on many conventional flash units, further contributing to esy-use simplicity and stylish design.
  • ADI Flash Metering System : The ADI (Advanced Distance Integration) flash metering system offers the optimum flash metering and automatic white-balance compensation regardless of the background conditions or the subject's reflectance. ADI flash metering works in combination with cameras and lenses that incorporate a distance encoder. When used with these lenses, the camera calculates a guide number to control TTL (through the lens) flash metering. This guide number is calculated according to distance from the subject, ambient light and pre-flash reflectivity of the subject and the background.
  • Wireless flash trigger function (DSLR-A900 only) : When teamed with the 900, the HVL-F20AM can also be used to trigger wireless flash setups. Please note, however, that this functionality is only available with DSLR-A900, and does not include luminosity ratio control.

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Much better than pop-up, but limited....
By irekordVerified Reviewer from Kingsport, TN on 12/23/2009
Consistent Output, Easy To Use, Lightweight
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Fill Flash, General Use, Portraits
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Photo Enthusiast
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Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Comments about Sony Sony HVL-F20AM Flash w/ Bounce:

I bought this to use with my a300 because I take a lot of interior shots in low light situations, and the high ISO and slow shutter speeds just weren't getting me the look I wanted.After a few weeks of use, I am pleased with the results, although this flash is somewhat limited.First, I believe it is a little overpriced for what it does, but it is certainly the most affordable Sony flash for the Alpha's, so it was the best solution for me.My purpose in buying this flash was to avoid the 'deer in the headlights' & 'drivers license photo' look that are the only things that pop-up flash is good for. Using the bounce flash setting gave me nice exposures and soft even light, no hot-spots or glare. I was pleased that the photos I took had a real pro look to them, very close to something you might see from portrait studio or news photog's. In one situation where I was unable to use bounce flash due to a black ceiling, I was pleased to find that the direct flash worked much better than expected, although a bit harsh, still considerably better than any pop-up I have used.Although I normally use P,A or S modes of my Alpha, so far I have had good luck with this flash in Auto mode, something I would always avoid for my natural light photos. I did find that exposures were better with a little positive flash compensation applied, especially if the ceiling was higher than the standard home/office construction.A few things to consider:This is not a very powerful flash. If you compare specs, you will see that the power and range of this flash is on the low end of the scale. So don't expect miracles. If you are taking people pictures in your home/office/etc, this will work fine. If you are trying to take pictures of the school play, a concert, church, etc, you will be highly disappointed. You will find plenty of negative reviews on this flash from folks who just didn't do their homework, and expected results beyond what this unit was designed for....Batteries: This seems to eat up batteries pretty fast, so please keep an extra pack of AAA's in your bag!Lastly, The biggest limitation for me is the fact that this flash does not swivel, and it cannot be used off camera(wireless). When I'm taking people pic's, I prefer portrait(vertical) orientation over landscape for a good portion of my shots. Since this flash does not swivel, when I turn the camera up on it's side, instead of pointing at the ceiling, the flash is now pointing at the couch/window/desk/table/etc, rendering bounce flash useless. So, I now realize that ultimately, I will end up needing the [$] flash instead of the affordable one. OK, you gotta pay to play. I understand.... BOTTOM LINE: If you are aware of this unit's limitations, and work within the situations it is designed for, there is no reason for anyone to be less than satisfied with the Sony HVL-F20AMHope this helped.....

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