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Brand: Nikon
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The Nikon F6 - The Next Legendary F-Series 35mm Camera!

The F6 benefits from the aggressive advancements in camera technology Nikon has made in response to an explosive demand for high-end digital cameras. It embodies Nikon's latest technological advancements, such as the Multi-CAM200 11-area AF system for exceptionally high-speed autofocus operation with outstanding accuracy, and the i-TTL Creative Lighting System for incomparable flash photography. The F6 features a newly refined proprietary 3D Color Matrix Metering system for improved accuracy in scene recognition and exposure. The camera also operates at highly subdued noise levels to ensure the ultimate shooting experience. For film shooters, the F6 undoubtedly represents the epitome of 35mm SLR photography and cutting edge performance.

The F6 is the sixth model in a legendary series of F-series professional film SLR cameras from Nikon. First introduced with the Nikon F in 1959, the series has transcended newer challenges over the years with successive new models. The original Nikon F was succeeded by the F2 (1971), F3 (1980), F4 (1988) and the critically acclaimed F5 in 1996. Each of these cameras inherited select elements from its predecessors, including the legendary Nikon F mount and a consistent design philosophy to offer professionals tools of the highest caliber and performance. Each successive model also raised the bar for innovation and technological advancement to meet the increasingly diversified needs of professional photographers. Today, tens of thousands of Nikon F-series SLR cameras and Nikkor lenses are put to test daily around the world, helping photographers make great pictures. The new Nikon F6 promises to uphold Nikon's tradition of innovation and enduring value.

The Nikon F6 35mm film SLR camera earns its right to become the next flagship Nikon F-Series professional camera by incorporating remarkable new technologies and design enhancements that give photographers who prefer film the highest level of performance in an SLR camera. In addition to incorporating Nikon's new Multi-CAM2000 11-area AF system and powerful i-TTL Creative Lighting System, the F6 also incorporates several fine refinements in design and construction. It features an improved Nikon 3D Color Matrix Metering system for greater accuracy in scene recognition and exposure, as well as a new shutter unit crafted from DuPont(TM) KEVLAR(R) and a special aluminum alloy for unparalleled reliability, lightening-quick movement and precision. Nikon engineers have successfully subdued the camera's operational sounds by using a professional echoic chamber to measure sound and vibration meticulously and then craft the camera with parts that have been highly refined for absolute minimum vibration, and frequency of movement attenuated to a level below that detectable by the human ear. Constructed on an aluminum-alloy die-cast chassis with magnesium-alloy front body and covers (top, bottom) and strategically placed rubber surfaces, the F6 is built like a tank, and has undergone several reliability and rigidity tests to ensure flawless performance. A self-diagnostic shutter incorporated in the camera has undergone testing to assure accurate release up to and beyond 150,000 cycles, even in the most extreme environmental conditions. The F6 undoubtedly goes beyond Nikon's uncompromising standards of quality, durability and rigidity that photographers around the world expect and trust.

The F6 also features a variety of exciting, innovative control options such as a customizable function button, built-in data back functions, shooting data memory and compatibility with a new Multi Power Battery Pack MB-40. This new power pack boosts the camera's framing rate from a native 5.5 frames per second to a full 8 frames per second, allowing Nikon engineers to reduce the size of the F6 significantly from its predecessor, the F5. With the convenience and versatility afforded by 41 Custom Settings, photographers can also fine-tune the F6 to suit their individual shooting preferences and requirements.

Nikon's F6 Highlights

High-precision shutter unit - No shutter unit in any other camera comes close to matching the precision and durability of the F6's assembly. Created from cutting-edge materials - DuPontTM KEVLAR(R) and a special aluminum alloy - the blades of the shutter unit offer unparalleled reliability and are extremely lightweight, for lightning-quick movement. For enhanced accuracy, the movement of the blades was carefully analyzed during the design process using a high-speed video camera and computer simulations, enabling unprecedented precision even at shutter speeds of up to 1/8,000 second. (DuPont(TM) and KEVLAR(R) are trademarks and registered trademarks of DuPont or its affiliates.)

Minimized operational sound and vibration - Nikon engineers were so intent on subduing the camera's operational sounds that they used a professional audio room to properly gauge the sound quality and frequency. The degree of vibration to which every part of the camera would be subjected was measured. This meticulous approach has resulted in a camera comprised of parts that have been highly refined for absolute minimum vibration, and frequency of movement attenuated to a level below that detectable by the human ear.

Highly efficient mechanics - The development of the F6 marks the first time 3D computer movement analysis has ever been applied to an SLR. This technique reveals the degree of power distributed to or generated by particular parts in specific directions. This made it possible for Nikon to optimize the mechanical operation of the camera with fewer parts, leading to lower power consumption and higher durability.

Harsh environmental testing - To ensure the camera could withstand the most severe conditions and environments, the F6 has been subjected to rigorous testing. The F6's astonishing reliability is a function of Nikon's the right material for the right place approach. Nikon engineers considered countless situations for camera use, then submitted the F6 to real-life testing to virtually guarantee exceptional dependability wherever and whenever photographers shoot.

Metering System - Nikon's Advanced Exposure Metering System includes 3D Color Matrix metering with improved algorithm, a flexible Center Weighted metering and Spot metering corresponding to any of the 11 selected focus areas.

Autofocus - Autofocus system inlcudes Multi-CAM 2000 Autofocus (AF) Sensor Module, with advanced high-speed, high-precision 11-area AF system with 9 cross-type AF sensors. Also includes Four AF Area Modes such as Single Area AF, Dynamic AF with Focus Tracking and Lock-On(TM), Closest Subject Priority Dynamic AF and Group Dynamic AF.

Usable Lenses - All AF-D, AF-G, AF-I, AF-S and AF VR Nikkor lenses provide full AF and metering operation. AI-P lenses provide manual focus w/electronic rangefinder and full metering operation. AI lenses provide manual focus w/electronic rangefinder, aperture priority and manual exposure mode, C/W and Spot Metering operation.

Shooting Modes - Program, Flexible Program, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Manual. Also allows for exposure xompensation, Auto Exposure/Flash Bracketing.

Film Advance - Four film advance modes, including Single (S), Continuous Low-Speed (CL) for up to approx. 3 fps, Continuous High-Speed (CH) for up to 5.5 fps (or 8 fps with optional Multi Power Battery Pack MB-40) and Continuous Silent (Cs) for nearly silent operation at approximately 1 fps.

Flash - Nikon's Creative Lighting System (with SB-800/600 Speedlights) includes i-TTL Balanced Fill-Flash, Wireless Advance Lighting capability and AUTO FP High-Speed Sync capability up to 1/8000 second.

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5 stars
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By tropical moods from honolulu,hawaii on 4/3/2007
Comfortable Design, Fast Film Loading, Fingertip Controls, Reliable Operation, Strong Construction
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Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Comments about Nikon F6 SLR 35mm Camera Body:

as of this moment and time it is the best damn camrea you can buy....i am completely happy with it...if you have the money be sure to get one.
i wish this camera had more optional accessories

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Whoa!!!!!! Digital Who?
By Anti-DigitalVerified Reviewer from Charlotte, NC on 11/20/2006
Comfortable Design, Fast Film Loading, Reliable Operation, Strong Construction
Complicated Controls
Best Uses:
Action Shots, Home, Office, Photojournalism, Sports Photography, Travel

Comments about Nikon F6 SLR 35mm Camera Body:

This is the best film body ever. I thought the eos 1V and the f5 were fast and accurate, the f6 blows them away!!! This body is for real shooters who shoot film not for lazy "pro" wannabe digital photographers who crutches on photoshop. This camera will make a man out of you, or woman if you're female. Response: Happy to see we still have some "film" enthusiates.
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