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Panasonic 16GB Ultra UHS-I Class 3 SDHC Memory Card


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Manufacturer # RP-SDUC16GAK

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UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) is a new standard specified by the SD Association to meet 4K video needs. It guarantees a minimum constant write speed of 30 MB/s (240 Mbps). Panasonic's New Gold Series "SDUC" supports this UHS Speed Class 3 (U3), which is 3 times faster than conventional Speed Class 10 and UHS-I. This makes it ideal for any type of video shooting from the ultimate 4K, Full HD to standard video.

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What is UHS-I?

Fast transfer of a maximum 104 MB/s*1 is possible by the speed standards of the SD memory card standardized. The original speed performance of UHS-I is exerted by using UHS-I-compatible devices*2.

Consecutive shooting makes it easy to get the best shot.

The best shot can be found from among many shots with varying countenances of a baby taken by consecutive shooting. Best moment, scene and countenance can be shot easily.

Story can be experienced only by consecutive shooting.

Beautiful and enjoyable because of the series of flow. Consecutive shooting creates stories. Even high speed shooting can be recorded in a card without the frame missing.

Even full-high-definition and 3D images can be shot smoothly

Large volume of data transmitted in real time can be recorded smoothly.

Comfortable and free from stress by high speed transmission to personal computers

Only UHS-I can quickly transmit a large volume of image data and moving image data to personal computers and edit them comfortably. It exerts its power in the high speed processing of large volume data such as of high speed consecutive shooting of high quality picture element digital single-lens cameras.

Super high speed writing

High writing speed of a maximum 80 MB/s approaching compact flash is realized by speeds about three times higher than the conventional mode. For example, even in consecutive shooting at the time of camera shooting, smooth consecutive shooting performance is realized.

Super high speed reading

High reading speed of a maximum 95 MB/s is realized. The performance is exerted especially in the scenes where quick intake and edit of data is required such as the sites of shooting and editing.

*1 Speed varies depending on the environment of personal computers such as SD cards used and OS.

*2 Compatible models: UHS-I-compatible USB3.0 reader/writer BN-SDCMP3 (If the personal computer used is not compatible with USB3.0, the original transfer speed and co-operating functions cannot be used. Speed varies depending on the environment of personal computers such as SD card used and OS.)