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Polaroid Tri-Mode Wireless Camera & Flash Remote For Nikon D7000


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Manufacturer # PLRDRN18

Our Stock # PLRDRN18

  • Uses RF Frequencies For True 300' Range And No Line Of Sight Limitations
  • Enables Off-Camera Mounting Of Flash Without The Annoying Sync Cords Or Wires And Without Losing Any On-Camera Functionality
  • 4 DIP Switches For Setting Pairing Codes And Eliminating Misfiring
  • True Hot Shoe Sync Allows For Full Off Camera Control Of Flash Unit Without Loss Of TTL Functions So Its Ideal For lIght Stands, Flash Brackets ETC.
  • Features Multi Flash Mode For Controlling Up To 16 Flash Units Simultaneously From A Single Transmitter (Additional Receivers Needed)

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Polaroid Tri-Mode Wireless Camera & Flash Remote

1- Wireless Flash Remote With Full TTL Functionality

2- Wireless Shutter Release With Both Full And ½ Press Shutter Functions (auto focus, sleep mode, metering, burst mode etc)

3- Wireless Studio Strobe Trigger Controls Both Slave & Primary Lighting

Regardless if you choose our standard remote or three way camera flash remote, you'll be getting the benefit of expanded shooting options that will take your creativity to a whole new level. Our 3 way digital RF Camera/Flash Remote provides TTL flash control from up to 300 feet away as well as conventional camera remote functionality, remote (non TTL) /studio flash triggering and the ability to trigger up to 16 flash units simultaneously. In short, it's all the remote you need no matter the remote you need. Our standard camera remote uses highly responsive IR technology to provide true control of your cameras shutter release and timer functions , so it's great for making sure you get in the picture-as well as situations where you'd prefer to get the picture without getting near the picture! On or off camera, up close or up to 300 feet away, picture perfect results start when you put Polaroid in the picture.